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Tier II Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I send the information to MERC?

Once you have logged on to our website, you are working in the master database for Tier Two data. Therefore, when you add or update information and save that information, you have submitted that information in the database. There is no submit button!

02. How do I submit the Tier II to the Missouri Emergency Response Commission

Once you have logged on to our website, you are working in the master database for Tier Two data. Therefore, when you add or update information and save that information, you have submitted that information in the database. There is no submit button!

03. Since I'm submitting the report "electronically", do I still have to mail copies like before?

Yes, 40 CFR 370.41 requires that a facility submit a signed and dated Tier Two report to the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and the fire department with jurisdiction. You do not have to send the signed & dated copies to the MERC because they accept the user name and password as an electronic signature.

04. I have requested my User ID and password and I have logged on but all I get is "No Documents Found". Where is my Tier Two Report from last year?

Once you have established your User ID and Password, you must send a letter on company letterhead to the MERC office to have us "link" your prior year report to your new User ID. This letter must have the person's name that will be filling out the Tier II, the name of the facility, the address of the facility and what the new User ID is. This letter needs to be signed by someone who was previously mentioned on the Tier II and can be faxed to 573-526-9261 or scanned and e-mailed to Please call the MERC office at 800-780-1014 with any questions. When that is done, you will see your Tier Two report the next time you log on.

05. Ok, I see my Tier Two report from last year when I log on, what do I do now?

To generate a current Tier Two report with a minimum of typing, click on the "Copy and Modify" icon to the right of the report that you want to copy. This will open a window that tells you that you will be copying the report to the next year. Click on the "Copy It" icon at the bottom of the page. The next window that opens will be the "Facility Information" data entry page of your new report. Now you can update any of the information that has changed from the previous report.

06. I have entered the new information but it won't save it. It just keeps coming back to the same page. Why won't it save my changes and move on to the next input page?

This program will not let you save a page and move on if there are any fields on that page that are completed incorrectly or left blank. When you click on a "save" icon and the same page that you've been working on appears on the screen, check the upper left area of the form for an error message in red that will tell you what field is causing the problem. For example: Your Dun and Bradstreet number is 12-123-1234 and you enter it exactly this way. However, when you click on "save", the program brings you right back to the same page. If you will look in the upper left corner, under "1a - Facility Location" you will see "Duns code must be numeric". You must remove the dashes (121231234) and then click "save". When a different page comes on the screen, you know you have successfully completed and saved the previous page.

07. What will happen if I can't finish the report in one sitting? Can I access the same report again if I log off?

Yes, you can access your report to make additions and updates as needed. If you are working on a "copied" report, the next time you enter it you will use the "Update Facility" or "Update Chemical" icon. You only use the "Copy & Modify" one time for each facility per year. However, once you have printed the report, signed it and mailed it to our office, PLEASE do not make any more changes without calling our office first at 800-780-1014.

08. How do I print the report when I'm finished entering information?

(1). Go to "View Tier II" on Facilities List. (2). With Page 1 of the report on the screen, go to "File" and "Page Setup". (3). Set your page margins as small as possible. (4). Be sure to select landscape orientation. (5). Now click on the "Print all pages at once". This places the pages in a queue. (6). Go to "File" and "Print".

09. What is that "Export My Facility Data" icon for?

This program allows you to request the data on your facility (or facilities) be exported from our database to your computer. The data is sent in MSAccess format via e-mail to an address that you enter when requesting the data. You may then open the data through a database program, manipulate the data, do queries and generate reports. This can be very helpful if you have several facilities that you are required to report.

10. What happens if I end up with more than 1 report for a facility for the same year?

This can happen quite easily, but since we only want one report per facility per year, you will need to select "update facility" for the duplicate report(s) showing on the Facility List, insert the word "Delete" in front of the facility name in the Facility Name field and "save". Do not remove the name of the facility. Then please call 800-780-1014 or e-mail to have the duplicate report(s) removed from the database.

11. What should I do if we receive a new hazardous substance at our facility in a quantity that requires reporting?

11 CSR 10-11.240 (1) (D) (2) states "If any new hazardous chemical or extremely hazardous substance comes onto the site in a quantity sufficient to require reporting under this subsection, an updated Tier Two form must be provided within three (3) months." You will need to log on to the Tier Two database using your User ID and Password. From the Facility List page, click on "Update Chemicals" for the current reporting year. From the Chemical List page, click on "add a new chemical", complete all fields, click on "save and edit locations", click on "add a new location", complete all fields and click on "save location". Select "Back to Facility List". When your Facility List page displays, click on "View Tier II". Page 1 of your Tier Two report will display, click on "update" in the lower right section of the report and then print page 1. Click on "next page" at the bottom of each subsequent page until the page showing the new chemical appears on the screen and print only this page of chemicals. Once printed, mark the added chemical as "new chem", sign both pages and mail to the MERC with a copy going to the LEPC and the Fire Department/District with jurisdiction.

12. What if an emergency contact person changes?

If any of the information on Page 1 of the current year Missouri Tier Two report changes, please go into "Update Facility", update the applicable information and save it. Then, from your Facility List page, go into "View Tier Two", mark "update" in the lower right section of the page, print page 1, sign it & mail it to the MERC, with copies going to the LEPC and the Fire Department/District with jurisdiction. Although this is not required by law, it does make the most current information available to First Responders which is vital should there be a hazardous chemical incident at or near your facility.

13. The person that handled reporting last year is no longer with my company and I don't know the User ID & Password. What do I do now?

As soon as you have a change of personnel that had access to your User ID & Password, it is recommended that you contact the MERC at 800-780-1014. Since this is a secure website, access to the information should be available only to current employees. The MERC will help you retain the security of your facility information.

14. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, once you have completed the electronic Tier II you will click on the fee calc. sheet button on the facility list. At the bottom of the page there will be an option to either print and mail your fee calculation sheet to the MERC or you can proceed to pay on-line. The MERC can not accept credit card payments over the phone.

15. Optional Distribution Fees

On January 1, 2014 (for the 2013 Tier II filing year) pursuant to the revised statute the MERC offered all facilities an “optional distribution button”. This button will automatically charge each facility an added fee to distribute the Tier II to both the LEPC and the Fire Department having jurisdiction as listed by the facility on the Tier II. Once we receive all the request the reports will be sent to the LEPC and to the Local Fire District having jurisdiction. Please be patient with this process as it is being updated each time to try to make it as efficient as possible. You also still have the option to mail a copy of the report to your Local Emergency Planning Committee and to the Local Fire District having jurisdiction. You may find the Local Emergency Planning Committee for your county at
or you may contact us at 800-780-1014. The Division of Fire Safety would have a listing of all the fire stations for Missouri at

16. My company has acquired a new facility. What next?

When you have logged on to the website, on the "Facility List" page, click on "Add Facility" and a blank input screen will open up allowing you to add all the information required.